Blue Opal: Properties and How to Use It

The blue opal stone is a delicate gemstone that’s gorgeous and ornamental. The mystical bright color gives a blue opal an air of elegance that can be hypnotizing for those who view the stone. The blue opal is considered a mineral that is similar to a quartz stone but has water molecules inside. The Greeks believed the blue opal came from the tears of Zeus after he was victorious against the Titans.

Now people have the opportunity to study the blue opal, a precious stone that steals the hearts and admiration of many people. Don’t miss an opportunity to enter the world of gemstones and the many different accessories that are made from the blue opal. If it works for you, don’t forget to share your experience with the gem!

Blue Opal Properties

Blue Opal: Properties and How To Use It

The physical properties of the blue opal are its blue color that comes from the combination of small inclusions of copper in its composition. These inclusions may be different sizes to allow the gem variations in the hues of blue. Blue opal has many physical and optical properties that are common for all opals. The stone is low on the hardness scale and also is very low when it comes to being a tough stone. Therefore, this stone is easily breakable and its fragility is increased by the high water content.

The stone tends to dehydrate easily unless exposed to high temperatures. The heat can cause the blue opal gems to lose their beautiful, intense color density and even is prone to fractures. If you own a blue opal, take good care of it because of its ability to break and the fragility of the stone.

Metaphysical Properties

The blue opal is a gem that has many properties that make this a special stone. It’s important to know the healing properties that explain the importance of the stone. The blue opal relieves eye discomfort and aids in the improvement of cataracts. People who carry the stone the most are older adults suffering from many eye diseases.

Some of the metaphysical properties are quite interesting because the stone gives you the gift of developing your psychic abilities. Psychic abilities are very useful for a variety of things but with this gem, the psychic abilities you gain help promote the alignment of the chakras that all people have to keep them balanced.

Emotional Properties

Blue opals promote meditation and super sensory experiences by opening the mind and expanding perception, which is very exciting. This stone helps you get through life with extra-strength during hard times. The stone is a great companion during the special day you pick for healing. The stone guarantees a unique mood that will make you feel like a zillion bucks!

Since the stone connects with your moods and emotions, remember to think about the purpose of carrying the stone. The reason is that blue opals’ emotional properties vary depending on your mood and you could have a totally opposite effect from what you thought was going to happen. This crystal can definitely pick up your emotions.

Spiritual Properties

The spiritual properties of the blue opal and the emotional properties are similar. Meditation is one of the most unique properties of the stone. Imagine carrying a beautiful blue on you while you are meditating. The color blue means calming and if you light up your chakras during meditation while carrying your stone, the experience is incredible and leaves you with a calming blue effect.

The blue opal helps open the mind to promote sensory experience and can you imagine how wonderful it would be to go deep inside your mind and find a whole different world. The stone can put you into a philosophical mood if you’re reaching deep into your mind for answers to questions that you have had. Meditation is a good way to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and many other disorders. Imagine carrying a blue opal and experiencing all the spiritual gifts the stone has to offer you.

Blue Opal and the Zodiac

According to Greek mythology, Zeus’s tears are said to be imprisoned in the opal after the victory over the Titans. Opals were always considered one of the strongest stones of the soul and true love. This is an important mainstay for Pisces and Cancer signs of the Zodiac. The opal is considered a lucky stone for the fish that gives joy and helps with grief. The stone also brings harmony to cancer signs. This sounds like a must-have stone for water signs.

How to Use Blue Opal

Blue Peruvian Opal stones that are tumbled are good stones to carry with you wherever you go. The stones can also be placed around your home as energy cleansers or for decor purposes. The tumbled stones are known as stones of ingenuity and bravery. The stone is great for helping you improve your self-esteem and self-love.

The stone is used for communication and creativity. These crystals let you speak your mind without fear. It’s a stone that helps you believe in your own abilities to attract the same type of people into your life. Blue opals are also used for protection during spiritual journeying or astral travel. There are so many gifts people can have if they carry around this stone because this is a beautiful and exciting stone.

Final Thought

Blue opals have properties that give you one of the most exciting experiences in your life. This stone is known to help people grow why protecting them. These are sensitive and fragile and can pick up your true mood and feelings, so be careful when you carry them if you are carrying the stone for a special purpose. Sometimes things go awry if your mood is off and you become distracted.

The stone aids in meditation and expands your mind and gives you the confidence you need and the ability to attract like-minded folks. Meditation leads to balancing your chakras and feeling great. The stone is fragile because it’s a mineral that consists of water and they are mesmerizing in color. Opals have always been revered as a precious stone to have. The stone was considered a special gemstone then, and still is and you can find them online or shop for them. Try tumbling a few for art around your house while the stone does energy cleanse.

How cool it is to carry a gemstone like that and the nice thing is the stone you can be comfortable with yourself wherever you go! SFNCrystals did the research! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your stone!