Dendritic Opal: Properties and How to Use Best

The Dendritic Opal is also known as Merlinite – used by mystics, healers, and shamans to connect with the axis Mundi. This is also a very strong yin yang balancing crystal due to its prominent black and white properties, which offer the users guidance and connection to actual cause and effect within their past, present, and future lives.

This milky white stone carries “dendritic” patterning in it, which is where it gets its title. Dendritic is a fern or tree-like pattern that sets in different types of rocks when manganese – also known as psilomelane – gets trapped within them as they form. This dual property is what gives the stone its balance. Opals can be found all over the world, but Merlinite is found in New Mexico.

Dendritic Opals
Dendritic Opals

Dendritic Opal Properties

Due to its heightened connection to past lives and inner healing, Dendritic Opals are coveted among healers, magicians, and shamans for their own inner work. These stones offer guidance and bring forth healing abundance against self-sabotage while allowing the user to tap into relationships and past life traumas and successes.

Here, we will get into these properties and how this Opal can help you in your daily life.

Metaphysical Properties

Like all opals, the Dendritic opal aids in circulation and insulin production. Its properties also work within the nervous system and respiratory functions. However, where it really does work is in the digestive tract due to its strong connection with the solar plexus.

The gut is the holder of emotions and intuitive connections. When our solar plexus is blocked, it can cause an overgrowth of bacteria such as candida. These overgrowths and lack of maintenance on our internal bowel organs can cause more than just indigestion. These microbes can also cause depression and other mental disorders, clouding judgment and causing one to be sluggish and slow to act. 

The Dendritic Opal can help clear these energies and release the intuitive forces buried within. When using this rock to remove these types of blocks, you will find yourself more transparent and more involved in your spiritual connection as it pertains to healing yourself so you can reconnect with others. This is the stone of healers and magicians, and shamans when they are doing their work. It allows them to connect to the estorial plane and move their energy from self-loathing to self-healing. The dendritic nerves enable energy to flow through and out through the etheric body, slowing reaction and lowering anxiety levels while cleansing the aura of stagnant karmic energy. 

Emotional Properties

When using this stone, expect profound change. The balance the Dendritic Opal offers is between the subconscious and continuous, which allows the physical body to connect with your etheric blueprint. This is where the body carries past life imprints and dis-ease that can cause disabilities and chronic illnesses. 

When you allow the rock to work through your energy fields and unblock that sacral energy we mentioned, you can tap into those past lives and experiences and open portals to realization. It allows you to fully take responsibility for yourself by showing you where you are in denial. This balancing stone also enables creativity and inner child bonds to help you clear out those past experiences, allowing you to leave out those things that do not serve your best interest. 

The Dendritic Opal is the perfect stone for those who suffer from depression and have difficulty building relationships. This is due to its harmonizing and gut cleansing energies. It is all tied together, and this stone pushes it all out from the gut through the nervous system and empties into your biomagnetic sheath where it is passed into the atmosphere and released, and your karma response can deal with it without you interfering. 

Spiritual Properties

Merlinite is named after the wizard Merlin because it can summon Shamanic and mystical magical energies. The balance of this stone is one of earth and the universe. Its ying-yang poise allows the wearer to evenly enhance their spiritual and sacred gifts while still staying grounded to earthly matters. 

When used in ritual, it can pull out the darker sides of yourself, so be prepared to face those negative energies before pushing their way through your astral body.  Dendritic Opal boosts clairvoyance and clairsentience, allowing you to understand situations deeper while connecting to others’ feelings and desires. This helps your relationship with yourself and the relationships you build with others. 

 Enhancing your intuitive understanding should be a key focus when using this stone. It opens up your sacral chakra so you can become the healer you seek to be – for yourself or others. Most importantly, this healing gem will establish your self-worth and help you build the confidence you need to share your supernatural gifts with others in a way they can understand. 

Dendritic Opal and the Zodiac

This stone balances all the elements – earth, wind, fire, water – and therefore takes on no particular zodiac. It is ruled by the sun and therefore has an abundance of energy that seldom needs to be charged. As a spirit guide stone, it allows you to stay connected to other realms in a way that builds the journey. It holds onto that energy and should only be cleaned when using on others. 

Each zodiac can take on this abundant energy. For example, Leos are confident, and this stone will help them to hold fast in that confidence. For signs not ruled by the sun, it can bring in that solar energy and help with working through self-doubt, no matter where it disrupts your life. 

Keeping a Dendrite opal on hand like a ring or around your neck can help you stay aware of your surroundings and yourself, managing you through some problematic situations or cleansing etheric functions. 

How to Use Dendritic Opal

The abundance and balance of this stone are most effective during a ritual, chanting, or meditation. Once activated, it can soothe self-doubt and help connect you with past lives. There is no right way to use Dendritic Opal. It has a universal sun power that allows the holder to enhance their magic and shamanic practices. Or, maybe you just need some good ying-yang vibes in your life. Whatever you choose, Melentite will help you understand the path better. 

Final Thought 

Enhancing your spiritual life shouldn’t be a negative experience. It may cause some negative energies to arise, which is why stones like the Dendritic Opal are great tools to have on hand. Understanding the powers and messages of the universe are key to a successful understanding of what this wide wonderful Universe has to offer us. 

She gives us guides to help us along our journey. Whether they are stones, oracles, or angles, connecting and grounding with them can help boost those positive vibes in your life.