Fire Opals: What Are They?

Two main factors go into distinguishing fire opals; its “play-of-color” — the way it sparkles and refracts light — and its actual color. The most precious fire opals carry a deep brilliant fire red — hence the name — and the less precious are yellow or opaque. However, both are an excellent addition to your healing stones or opal jewelry collection.

Where is Fire Opal Found?

Most of the fire opals available today come from the open-cast mines in the highlands of Mexico, generally located in Queretaro and close outer regions. However, smaller deposits have recently been found in Brazil.

These crystals have been mined in Mexico for over 150 years, which is why it is commonly known as Mexican fire opal. Deposits are dug from sandstone, basalt, and rhyolite bands near ancient volcanoes, which line these Mexican highlands.

What is Play-of-Color?

The play-of-color associated with this stone comes in red to green fractures, depending on the impurities that are locked into the stone. Play-of-color is the reflection and brilliance of the layering as it hits light or light shines through. This also plays into its value.

What is the Price of a Fire Opal?

Many factors go into the price of fire opals. Yellow gems are less valuable, and they move up in price the redder they are. Transparency, pattern, and brilliance are also investigated when appraising them. 

Translucent stones are less valuable than transparent ones. Furthermore, the best fire opals have a lot of that “Play-of-color” we mentioned above. Their layering and patterning display will affect the value because it is the prisms effect that allows those colors to dance in the light. 

Moreover, their cut plays a role. Domed — cabochon — opals offer a play-of-color on all angles. This cut with high transparency, pattern, and brilliance ratings provide the most precious and beautiful gems you will find. 

Size plays a part too, but the cost varies depending on how all these factors vibe. Therefore, establishing value is best served by talking to an opal provider. However, these aren’t as pricey as the coveted black opal.

Fire Opals and Their Properties 

When looking for a fire opal, rating knowledge is ideal for finding one that resonates with your budget. However, there are a lot more about these beautiful stones than what money can buy. Here, we will look at what they are made of and dig into their healing properties and metaphysical attributes.

What Are Fire Opals Made Of?

All opals have a silica base, which gives them their transparency. These stones are a mineraloid and made of hydrated amorphous silica. Meaning this is not crystalline silica, which is a mineral. This means that unlike the black opal, which deposits into basalt or fossil, this crystal is hosted by different rocks. 

It’s yellow and red hues are due to iron oxide embedded within the silica base. It has high water content and ranges in hardness from 5.5 to 6.5. Due to its higher water content, it is softer and can be dulled or damaged if put in high heat. 

Fire Opal Healing Properties

Feeling blue? Let the mood enhancement of the fire opals healing properties pull you through. This blood purifying stone is lovely for the lower back and abdomen, alleviating PMS symptoms, and all things associated with female reproduction. 

It corrects imbalances in the adrenal glands and cleans the kidneys, helping prevent stones from developing. If you are looking for something to keep you energized while calming your emotions, fire opal has what you need. Not to mention, it can assist in relieving headaches associated with a blocked third eye, 

Fire Opal Attributes

This jewel is a sentimental magnifier. It allows you to get out what you need without collateral damage. It supports you through times of emotional drainage and boosts your mood in all areas of life by giving you a more transparent, fearless view. 

Sometimes we are suffering from past life genetics, and this stone can help clear you of these subconscious enemies. Basically, it enables you to let go of that which does not serve you — the past. Get rid of grief by wearing this near your heart chakra as a fire opal necklace, and it will open up avenues of success by destroying self-doubt.

By helping you rid yourself of inhibitions, sexual energy becomes fluid to assist and guide your desires, bringing powerful and fulfilling relations. It aids with faithfulness but can make a fickle person more so. Make sure you are ready for a release of energy when working with or wearing this stone because it is a power stone and will prove to break you down to build you up esoterically.

Fire Opal Meditation

It is best to wear as a necklace or ring, keeping it close to the body. Due to its humid nature, if dried out, it can crack. This works into meditation as well — if your stone is dried out, it won’t allow the flow of energy through the chakras when you are in a meditative state. Be sure to grid these as they can be placed in many areas for meditation. 

Placing a fire opal on the abdomen will open up sexual desires and kundalini pressers, creating warm sensations and clarifying and ridding you of inhibitions. Questioning the stone during meditation with the sacral chakra can help guide you into more stable and loving relationships. 

Guiding your meditation through a healing sensory should be done by placing in between the throat and heart chakra. This creates telepathic communication of the third eye to the heart, showing you areas you need to adjust to accept love into your life. It can also guide you through the ailments of past lives and relations. 

This guidance clears the way for positive emotional affirmation. Fire opal rings will help you enhance your self-image and worth by showing you the best ways to take responsibility for your actions. This magical stone plays on the positive emotions in your life by highlighting the negative ones and following up with ways to get rid of them — making it the best accountability stone you can find.

How Do I Choose a Fire Opal?

First, you should ask yourself what you are looking to get out of the stone. Are you using it for meditation or looking to design a fire opal engagement ring for a loved one? This will help you to choose which characteristics to look for and help save you money. Furthermore, no two stones are the same, so you will want to look over options to identify which unique stone fits you. 

Color direction shows you how well the stone refracts light. Due to its profound and sparkly nature, it makes perfect pendants or fire opal earrings. Be sure when selecting a stone that is already set, that it is set well. Due to its softness, gold and softer metals aren’t ideas. Silver, platinum, and even white gold are the best. 

Fire Opal Care

When caring for your gemstone, be sure not to put it near high heat. Even long light exposure can dull its shine and dry out the stone. You can wash the stone in water and soap, but it is best to clean it with a soft rag versus a jewelry brush. 

As we mentioned, It is a soft gem, and although it likes water, you can mark it up if not careful. Also, don’t use hot water; it will eventually dull your gem as well. Pay attention when cleaning that your soap doesn’t have harsh chemicals or oils as it can permanently damage a fire opal.

Final Thoughts

Fire opals are a beautiful addition to any gem lover’s collection. Its design and coloring are unique, and it carries beauty and power that can guide you through life. Be sure to always be aware you are getting your gems from a trusted source. Always ask if it is created or mined, as this makes a massive difference in pricing.

Moreover, If you are looking for clarity in relations, this is the stone for you. This stone’s metaphysical properties are strong and can help a believer through some serious emotional frustration, whether it be this life or a past one.