Green Opal: Properties and How to Use It

Green opal can be found in many areas worldwide but is still classified as rare or precious. Each type is significantly different, with each one giving a distinct green coloring based on its properties. Macedonia green opals are mixed with Chrysoprase, which is Chalcedony and Nickel. This is also known as the Tanzania Geen Opal, or Prase Opal, and is similar to jade in color, hardness, and healing properties.

Then you have the more common green opal, which is what we will be discussing here. This is a silica-based stone like all opals and laced with the mineral Nontronite. Some moss opal types have dendritic running through them – a tree-like nerve crystal formation. Outside of its physical properties, the Green Opal is a magical stone that brings harmony, luck, and rejuvenation in times of personal struggle.

Green Opal

Green Opal Properties

Below you will find more about the properties of this “soul anchor” stone and learn how it can guide and heal you from dis-ease in your spiritual life.

* Dis-ease is discomfort or aches and pains present within your body although you are overall healthy and without the actual disease.

Metaphysical Properties

Green Opal is known to help ease discomfort from flu and fever, working as an immunity booster to protect against many other viruses and helps the healing process. It pulls out mucus and helps relieve ailments in the lungs and liver.

It is a gentle support stone that activates the heart chakra, purifies the blood, and lets it flow freely, which can speed up recovery times. Green Opal aids against vision disorders and works to boost circulation, fighting hypertension. It aids in the relief of the side effect of diabetes, too, such as insulin regulation and swelling. It is also said to bring ease in childbirth and menopause. Those who have Parkinson’s should use this stone to help ease symptoms.

Emotional Properties

All opals are grounding and personal transformation stones. However, each type carries its own strengths within the elements of crystal healing and metaphysical awareness. The Green opal works on harmonizing energies and connecting your mind, body, and soul so you can work through personal blocks.

Also known as a stone of luck and awareness, it helps with financial troubles, bringing material abundance while releasing trauma-based self-doubt, enhancing creativity. It works to open your heart space to create a loving awareness of self, which helps build strong bonds and relations with others.

Spiritual Properties

This is a heart stone and therefore helps guide your emotions. It brings out the best in you and situations as they arise. It heightens esoteric and exoteric connections, allowing the user to feel more connected to themselves and higher powers.

It helps the wearer become more confident in their wellbeing and guides them into a feeling of tranquility and accomplishment while giving them insight into working through issues. It slows the monkey brain and allows it to declutter, and connects with the heart’s energy. This allows the whole source of your aura energy to accept and to understand when gifted spiritual truths. 

Green Opal and the Zodiac

Green Opal is a water stone that carries wood energy. The wood energy within the Green opal is what brings about cleansing, rejuvenation, and better decision making, which is mobilized with more strength within the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It also works as an amplifier for Airies, who tend to bury emotions – positive or negative. 

In the context of the water signs, this “feel good” stone sallows those born under these signs to let go of things physically and emotionally, as they often tend not to want to let go. Water signs are highly intuitive, and the Green Opal helps them channel these gifts to enhance their love and material life, allowing them to connect more and push away less. 

When you can let go of those things that do not serve your best interest, you are opening up more room to become the loving awareness you are supposed to be. Water signs guided by this opal have a more explicit connection to this within soul land.

How to Use Green Opal

This healing stone brings in the grounding weight of Green and wood energy and the fluidity and clarity of the water. When used in healing, ritual, and meditation, it can be held in the left hand, worn around the neck to sit on the heart space, or used on the crown chakra. 

When used in the left hand and worn on the heart, it helps open and heal emotional wounds from past experiences. It also clears the heart chakra and allows energy to flow from the base to the crown. When used on the crown, it can heighten intuitive and psychic powers, clarifying any doubts or questions about their spiritual journey. 

The left-hand user can also use this healing crystal to manifest abundance and material gain. Chanting with Green Opal can help boost energy levels and create a great manifestation, working to align with your affirmations.

Final Thought 

Any green stone brings great abundance and luck. However, the other properties in the rock are what activate different parts of healing. Green Opal has been used by healers for millennia for rejuvenation and soul immunity, giving the user more insight into healing their path and body.

If you are looking for a more spiritual experience in life and want to manifest more money, find some Green Opal and sit with it. You will soon find yourself clearer and more abundant than you were before it entered your life.