Pink Opal: Properties and How to Use It Properly

Until 2011, pink opal was primarily found in Peru’s Caravelle and Ica provinces with pockets scattered throughout South America up to the US. And although Peru still unearths the most beautiful specimens, Australia is now mining the “stone of spiritual awakening,” providing more access to this potent heart chakra activator.

Pink Opal is a delicate stone and requires proper care. Due to its high water content, it should not have prolonged exposure to the sun or high temperatures. This dulls the stone and dries it, which can cause brittleness. These gems range from precious to semi-precious and should be treated with care. 

However, we focus on the healing, meditative and metaphysical properties below. 

Pink Opal Properties

Like most pink to lavender-hued gems and crystals, Pink Opal is a heart stone that enhances understanding and love. It is also said to help communication and boost self-confidence. While these are the base meanings of the stones, crystal healers use it for often to help guide meditation and offer support in uncertain situations. 

Physical Properties

This mineraloid from the amorphous crystal system is a stone for those who suffer from dis-ease associated with tension and hypertension. This can come from high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other circulatory problems. 

With the activation of the heart chakra, we allow our life force to push through our body, allowing our blood to flow, releasing that tension. Whether it stems from illness, anger, grief, or miscommunication, it helps us hold more compassion so we can manage serenity and heal these types of communication blocks – bodily or spiritually. 

When we relieve stress in our lives, our health comes to balance, which is why circulatory stones, such as the Pink Opal, help bring your body to a more natural state of loving, stress-free energy. It may also assist in skin irritation associated with hypertension and swelling of the vessels – itchy skin and pressure rashes. 

Emotional Properties

This is a gem of tranquility and centering. Although it grounds us, it still leaves us aloof and mesmerized by its ability to help let love in. While most pink crystals and stones – amethyst and rose quartz, for example – primarily help with loving others, this Opal is a more personally focused stone, enhancing the relationship with ourselves. We can mirror that back to those around us as we are guided to invite self-confidence, boosting our self-worth. 

Pink Opal also enhances our analytical abilities. This helps with communication and guides decisions and judgments, reflecting back to us through our relationships with others. 

Spiritual Properties

This is a highly spiritual stone that can help release traumas and painful memories. It heightens angelic vibrations, which can call on spirit and celestial messengers for guidance. 

Pink Opal can enhance intuitive properties and clairvoyance when placed on the third eye, giving us insight into important decisions. It helps release anxiety and brings calmness and tranquility when worn around the neck, clearing out heart and throat blocks.

Strongest Metaphysical Properties

This gem can reprogram ruminations and dwellings that the heart holds onto. The heart chakra energy – or Anahata in Sanskrit – is the energy of life and is easily blocked with both the latter.  Pink Opal relieves this and allows that life force to move through us, giving emotional equilibrium to our daily lives. 

It also aligns with the Anahata, creating a pathway of clarity, love, and peace. It helps you avoid the dis-ease of these blocking, cyclic behaviors and opens you to more self-guided emotions of self-compassion, which gives us permission to love and assist ourselves more. It reminds us that we cannot pour from an empty cup as it fills us with that deserving self-love. 

Pink Opal and the Zodiac

This is a water stone that resonates strongly with all water signs – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. The Opal is also a Libra birthstone, which adds a bit of air to the mix. Venus and Mars rule over Pink Opals, giving a powerful balance of feminine and masculine guided energies.

Furthermore, in ancient astrology, Libra is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Mars, which aligns perfectly with the energy of the Pink Opal. 

  • Scorpios use these mineraloids for balance. They ignite positive change within themselves and work with their powers to help them clarify and accomplish goals. 
  • When worn by Libra, it helps with confronting hidden emotions and allows them to communicate their point of view so they are heard clearly. It boosts their “yin” energies while absorbing overzealous “yang” energies, balancing out their scales.
  • For Cancer and Pisces, it allows them to enjoy life more and leaves them not to their own human devices but allows them to relieve themselves of the burdens of pain and suffering we are subject to in this world. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which controls the pull of Earth’s water. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which is 90% hydrogen, leaving this as an obvious to why Pink Opal is strongly intertwined with these signs and their planets. 

How to Use Pink Opal

Meditation mixed with chanting pulls the most out of this stone. Ensure you are grounded while holding the stone with intention, putting positive and light energies and thoughts into it. 

  • Pull forth past issues and all things in your life that do not serve you. 
  • Hold the charged gem to your heart space and begin to chant the heart mantra ‘YAM’ –the seed mantra associated with the heart and the air element.
  • Inhale and breathe out with the sound, holding out the ‘M’ to communicate with Ohm. 
  • At the end of your ‘M’, pull out an ‘Ayy” to bring in a playful presence and lighten the heart. 

Be sure to hold a rhythm when chanting and control the breath to pace the heart as you manifest the intention of releasing all the stresses and tensions of life. You must remove these and open your heart to accept yourself and others. The pink opal elevates these practices and allows a deeper connection to birth from the flow of life, transferring negative blocking energies into loving, compassionate necessities. 

Pink Opal: Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

 According to Australian legend, a celestial opal governs the stars and guides all acts of profound human love. So, if you are looking to clean out some skeletons, embrace your flaws, clear your past and just live a fuller life free from self-doubt, this is a beautiful addition to your sacred collection.

There are messages in all of the natural world. We can mingle with crystals, gems, trees, whatever we feel called to, so never feel alone. Grab your rock with intention and guide your healing to love and compassion – for yourself and those around you.  Let Pink Opal help you stay connected to yourself, your intuition, and your angelic guides, and never forget that you deserve to be happy.