Red Jasper: Properties and How to Use It

Ancient Egyptians rumored Red Jasper as the “blood of Isis”. They believed when they wore Red Jasper in the form of teardrops, it would protect against the judgment of transition into the next world. To Indigenous cultures, it is the blood of Mother Earth, purifying and grounding the soul to the natural elements, and can be used to summon the rain. In Germanic myth, the dragon-slayer Sigurd – aka Siegfried, placed it in the hilt (shaft) of his sword to bring courage when he slew the dragon Fafnir.

However used, this Mars-ruled stone activates root chakra vibrations and channels Earth and Fire elements. It is a form of impure Chalcedony. It is filled with iron deposits, which is where it gets the red coloring (like Mars) – and hematite, a mineral known for its blood purifying properties. This is an abundant stone full of protection and clarification for those who want to explore more profound wisdom.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

Red Jasper Properties

Red Jasper comes in many forms and can be found all over the world. Its grounding properties tie it directly to the root chakra and protect against electromagnetic waves like cellphones and wifi. However, its most potent property is its ability to protect against bullshit.

This means it’s hard to be deceived by others or your own self-consciousness when wearing this stone. It brings the biomagnetic sheath to its original balance, allowing you to move forward in decisions with confidence, clarity, and courage – the courage to follow your own intuition.

Metaphysical Properties

Red Jasper is cleansing and clarifying and, as mentioned, protects against electromagnetic waves. It has hematite in it, which is a powerful blood cleansing stone. It also has Iron deposits, known to work with blood purification. These properties make it an excellent stone for the liver, too. 

Due to its root chakra vibration, it corrects dis-ease by igniting kundalini and forcing the fire through and up the chakras. Red Jasper pulls in any static disorder of the aura. If you are suffering from nerves or anxiety, this is a great helper. It provides protection and builds confidence while alleviating anxious stress. 

Emotional Properties

A stone of passion, Red Jasper warms and purifies the blood and gives the wearer a more connected and joyful approach to life and love. It assists with manifestation within creative practices and aids new adventures. It boosts stamina and works to enhance tantric practices.

If you are a dreamer, this healing crystal will help you recall those dreams. When we recall dreams, we can dig deeper into relations, life, and the messages we need to receive. If you need a boost of reassurance, confidence, and endurance, red jasper is a perfect pocket pal. Keep close to your root chakra and work on activating that libido force, and tap into a more spiritual level of satisfaction and shamanic journeying.

Spiritual Properties

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Let red jasper help you through. Use this gem to guide and protect you on your spiritual journey. When activating the Root chakra, you will allow your energy to clear and stabilize while also grounding. 

Not only will you get answers, but you will also find a path to connect with others on this journey. Red Jasper vibrates with nature and connects the wearer to this element to explore themselves without getting lost. It helps clear the astral plane of electromagnetic interference to get more connected to the answers you are seeking. 

Red Jasper and the Zodiac

Are you an Aries: independent, bold, brave? Red jasper encases all these characteristics and is ruled by fiery Mars, twinning with Aries. Red Jasper elevates these traits within the fire sign and reminds them to think before they act. Aries can be quite spontaneous as they are fully confident and radiate success in all they do. Red jasper allows them to harness these coveted traits without letting their ego overshadow their best intentions.

How to Use Red Jasper

Sit on it. This is the best way to harness its energy when using it for meditation. When you put it close to the root chakra, it elevates kundalini energies and can assist in awakening the serpent coiled below. As it works up the spine, it shatters doubts and allows magic to radiate from all areas of your biomagnetic resonance.

Setting intentions within goals and areas of your life where you lack confidence can be managed better with help from Red Jasper. IF you have libido issues, the serpent rising can fold into your doubts, pull them out, relieve you of them, and give you a boost in drive and added endurance. Sexually or internally, this endurance can also help you follow through in all areas of your life.

Final Thought 

Red Jasper is a stone of self-assurance, confidence, courage, and grounding. If you are looking to ignite the fire within –  in your relations, in your work –  this is the perfect stone. It gives you a no BS look at life while providing intuitive insight, allowing you to release all those things that do not serve you in life.

Harmonize with your confidence and build your life based on self-truth, and you will be free to explore the better parts of yourself and life. Do not fear; Red Jasper will help you through with longevity and foundational success. SFNCrystals did all the research, all you have to do is explore your options!